WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Top-Notch WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins 2021

What is WooCommerce Inventory Management

If you are just starting your WooCommerce store then inventory management is not much trouble.

Initially, an entrepreneur has less quantity of products so it is easier for him to manage those products manually.

But as your shop grows, all things get complicated. The demand for your product increases and it is not able to be met by your sole supplier.

But in this blog, we provide relevant information here that helps you understand all the necessary features to grow your e-commerce business rapidly.

First, an entrepreneur needs to know – “What is WooCommerce Inventory Management”?

WooCommerce is a source, provides several plugins helping the entrepreneur manage the stock available in the e-commerce store. Plugins are nothing but the tools or software, used to check the quantity and quality of a product in the store.

In other words, WooCommerce contains multiple plugins with multiple features that are used to examine product’s availability.

Some of the important tasks done by such tools are – availability of stock (out-of-stock / in-stock), updates products categories, managing supply chain and so on.

Whether you are a physical store or an online store, controlling your product inventory is one of the most important tasks for any business.

We’re talking about managing inventory in WooCommerce and how you can do it easily and quickly to get your business started!

There are a number of powerful Woocommerce Inventory Management plugins that allow you to manage your business and grow your business quickly.

In addition, WooCommerce has a unique inventory adjustment panel that allows you to control your inventory down to the smallest detail.

Before going-in let’s understand and find the inventory settings; here @WooCommerce Inventory Management!

Features of WooCommerce Inventory Management

1. Product Stock Management

It provides unique product stock management for an easy inventory valuation. There is an option called stock synchronization that allows entrepreneurs to automatically synchronize stock prices of the same products at all stores.

2. Multiple Store Options

WooCommerce provides options of multiple languages, different currencies and also provides various payment options. Because every different store is located in different places with different languages.

3. Main Panel of WooCommerce

Like WordPress or any other website developing platform, that provides cPanel for managing all the pages and posts. WooCommerce command panel for managing and monitoring all domains and commands.

4. Product Management

Products can be managed on the main site, although it is possible to update or adjust them on other sites. Product management is the core part of any e-commerce store. It should be manageable by category wise.

5. MetaData Export to Different Stores

All product meta data can be exported to other stores, including content images, gallery, and featured thumbnails. Products included various functions like images, gallery etc and so on.

5 Reasons : Why WooCommerce use as a E-Commerce Platform

1. Free to Use

Whether you have $ 100 dollars or $ 2,000 to spend, WooCommerce has found something to fit every budget.

WooCommerce inventory management provides free plugins on a trial basis. If an entrepreneur wants to add more extensions on that particular plugin then he need to spent more.

2. Customizable & Flexible

The plugins provided by WooCommerce are flexible and customizable in nature. It is open source. WooCommerce gives maximum control over how an entrepreneur wants to adjust your site.

For example, if an entrepreneur wants to provide their customers with shipping rates based on the number of items, prices or weights etc.

3. Sell Anything

WooCommerce gives us a platform where an entrepreneur can sell anything he wants to sell at a particular time. Whether an entrepreneur wants to sell physical goods, digital services or affiliate marketing.

4. Inventory Management

If an entrepreneur has started selling physical goods on their e-commerce store, they will need a management system to list them. Fortunately, WooCommerce makes this very easy.

You can track your stock levels, hide items that are out of stock, when your stock is running low, and more.

5. Build Databases for Marketing

Want to create a database of contacts that you can promote your products or services? WooCommerce has many extensions that let you do this.

Active Campaign, for example, has deep data integration, so whenever a user places an order, the extension shows you the products they purchased, the pages they visited, the coupons they used, and other granular details about customer activity.

In this way, you will be able to target your customers better.

Top Benefits of WooCommerce Inventory Management

1. Accuracy of Inventory Orders

Proper inventory management helps you find out how much inventory you have on hand. This will help prevent product shortages and allow you to keep just enough inventory in the warehouse without getting too much.

2. More Organized Warehouse

A good WooCommerce inventory management strategy supports an organized warehouse.

If the warehouse of an e-commerce store is not organized then an entrepreneur will have a difficult time managing their list of products.

Many companies choose to put their best-selling products together and optimize their warehouses at easily accessible locations in the warehouse.

3. Save Time & Money

Inventory management can have the benefits of real-time and monetary transactions.

By keeping an eye on what products you have or have ordered, you try to protect yourself by having inventory recounted to make your records perfect.

A good inventory management strategy helps you save money that might otherwise be wasted on slow-moving products.

4. Increases Efficiency & Productivity

Inventory management tools, such as barcode scanners and inventory management software, can help improve your efficiency and productivity.

These tools will help eliminate manual processes so that your employees can focus on others that are more important in the areas of business.

5. Customers Needs

It is a fact that good inventory management leads to what you are constantly striving for.

If you want your hardworking customers to come back for your products and services, then you should be able to meet customer demand quickly.

WooCommerce Inventory management helps you to meet this demand so that you can deliver the right products to your customers as soon as they need them.

Top 20 WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

1. TradeGecko

2. Katana

3. Zoho

4. Orderhive Inventory Management

5. Veeqo

6. Smart Manager

7. ATUM Inventory Management

8. WooCommerce Stock Manager

9. WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

10. eSwap

11. WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

12. WooPOS

13. WP Inventory Manager

14. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

15. DEAR Inventory

16. Ecomdash

17. Stitch

18. WooCommerce Inventory Management from Finale Inventory

19. PW WooCommerce Plugin

20. Store PeP Mobile App

21. MRPeasy


TradeGecko is a popular inventory management and order management software that helps entrepreneurs check multiple orders in a day.

It has integration with WooCommerce and with many other inventory management platforms.

This is one of the advanced user-friendly inventory management plugins that work with WooCommerce to sync your e-commerce store.

The tool helps entrepreneurs control their stock at multiple locations, manage sales and purchase orders, and automate back orders.

The entrepreneurs can also create a custom domain for a private online wholesale store for their distributors. This WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin provides a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that lets you manage your products and orders from anywhere and is free to all TradeGecko users.

The product is also integrated with many other applications such as QuickBooks and is an analytics platform to monitor – what product is sold to whom and on which channel. It helps to create the custom channels.

Key Features of TradeGecko

1. Control Store Inventory

This tool provides various advanced filters that help entrepreneurs to see the complete list of products at a given time. They can easily keep track of hand delivery, sales orders, locations, etc.

2. Optimization of Inventory

TradeGecko offers various techniques that help entrepreneurs to calculate their product demand in the market. According to the product’s required demand, they can only manufacture products where stock availability is low.

3. Accounts Integration

An option is found at the time of creating invoices for the sale and purchase of products where entrepreneurs can decide the currency. They can sell their products in multiple currencies. This is one of the useful functions provided by TradeGecko.

4. Automated Inventory Management

With this plugin, sales and purchase orders automatically trigger updates at the company’s inventory levels. This feature of TradeGecko improves the internal tracking of sales and purchase orders.

The platform allows you to have real-time data about inventory levels, including specific product location information.

5. Reporting & Analytics

Real-time sales reports are accessible anytime, and it allows managers to make more strategic business plans based on actual records of inventory, sales and purchase orders.

By the help of this, users can generate sales history reports by product’s examination, customer’s order tracking and from different channels.

6. Customer Relationship Management

In an effort to generate goodwill among customers, businesses can use TradeGecko’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to record customer purchase history and personal preferences.

For Instance, it is possible to save customers’ billing details, addresses and clothing sizes to make online shopping easier on future orders.

Pricing of TradeGecko

TradeGecko Pricing
TradeGecko Pricing


Katana inventory management makes it easy to sell to manufacturers to handle business operations and inventory on WooCommerce. If an entrepreneur manages product recipes then it always ensures timely purchase of ingredients, avoids out-of-stock situations.

The use of Katana plugins is designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturers. Katana’s inventory management plugin enhances online stores marketing by giving the tools to manage raw materials and schedule production.

This is a manufacturing plugin in the market, which can help you overhaul your business performance.

The easy-to-navigate interface, visual dashboard, and unique auto-booking system make it incredibly efficient to use and exclude you from managing your inventory in development with cumbersome and ineffective Excel spreadsheets.

Key Features of Katana

1. Availability of Finished Goods

Katana software uses the available raw materials and automatically allocates them to new production orders.

For Example, if an entrepreneur receives a sales order for a product that is not in stock, Katana shows you immediately if you have the materials needed to produce it.

Real-time updates of inventory and operations, and full order fulfillment at your fingertips.

2. Bill of Materials

Katana is the only WooCommerce inventory management plugin that can create unique bills for each product.

Based on the bills of materials, Katana helps the entrepreneurs to find the exact costs of manufacturing. With its help, we can manufacture only those products whose availability is less than others.

3. Production Planning

With Katana’s unique manufacturing tracking system for WooCommerce, entrepreneurs can simply drag-and-drop to only relevant manufacturing orders.

The priority of manufacturing the products ordered by the customers affects the availability of material and the calculation of production deadlines.

4. Multichannel Sales Support

WooCommerce is one source that helps to establish the ecommerce platform but there are multiple sources available in the market. Katana can easily manage the orders getting from outside the WooCommerce management system.

5. Floor Level Control

Katana’s WooCommerce inventory plugin allows entrepreneurs to prioritize tasks for each production employee and production line. They are able to create a clear guideline and instructions for each worker.

This helps the entrepreneur to have a complete overview of the work done by his workers at a particular time.

6. Cost Calculation

The WooCommerce inventory management system automatically calculates the cost of manufacturing of the products available in any e-commerce store in order to examine the inventory.

This helps them to analyze which product is to be manufactured which gives more revenue. Revenue depends entirely on the cost of goods.

Pricing of Katana

Katana Pricing

If you want more features, you have to pay extra for that;

Katana Pricing

Note that it also provides a 14 days free trial. 

Zoho WooCommerce Plugin

Zoho focuses on selling manufactured goods available in the main store. It also allows multi-channel inventory management. This means an entrepreneur can integrate all the channels where he wants to sell their product.

On the other hand, Zoho is one of the best tools that helps to manage the purchase orders, back orders etc. It also provides entrepreneurs with serial number tracking, through which you can monitor the speed of a particular object more efficiently.

Zoho has integration with popular shipping carriers, which will help provide you with real-time rates and tracking information. If you want to integrate your stock data with accounting and CRM tools, that also takes care of well with Zoho.

Key Features of Zoho

1. Product’s Grouping

Zoho provides a software that helps the entrepreneur to differentiate all goods according to their relevant category. The category ensures users to check the functionality of the products. For Example, the products like Bat, Ball, Racket, Shuttle etc. belong to the sports category.

2. Multi-Warehouse Management

Every e-commerce store produces many products. To manage all these products, multiple warehouses are required at various locations. With this, entrepreneurs can easily track all their products available in such warehouses.

3. Serial Wise Tracking

Sometimes the situation may occur when an entrepreneur can take care of all the expired goods and needs to be destroyed immediately. Zoho helps to examine the expiration dates of the products according to their batch or serial number.

4. Manage Sales Order

Zoho – The WooCommerce inventory management plugin provides facilities to manage sales orders on a regular basis. It basically creates an invoice for every next sales order and tracks its status without any hassle.

5. Packaging & Shipping

This plugin creates a package slip for every order and also helps the entrepreneur get real-time shipping rates. Zoho also creates a package format in which orders must be placed.

Pricing of Zoho

Zoho Pricing

Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive is a SaaS-based solution that brings order, shipping and inventory management functions into one platform. It facilitates multi-channel order processing, back-end processes, and maintains a real-time inventory tracking system.

It provides seamless integration with major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etsy, etc., shopping carts, shoppiffy, magneto, WoCOM etc. OrderHive allows you to sync with multiple ecwid channels.

Entrepreneurs can cancel, confirm, ship and track orders from one place without wasting their quality of time.

Orderhive offers the features of multiple warehouses where an entrepreneur can easily manage their number of products. With this, entrepreneurs can easily locate their orders as every warehouse has category-wise products.

Key Features of Orderhive Inventory Management

1. E-Commerce Automation Software

Everything – order fulfillment, shipping, purchase and return management, can be automated with a one-time-manual-effort. Feed-in triggers and conditions, and orderhive will take your tasks ‘automatically’.

2. Inventory Management Software

Orderhive inventory management software enables you to manage your inventory in the best possible way. It is your personal inventory-in-charge that helps entrepreneurs keep track of all their products in real time.

3. Shipping Software

Timely and cost-effective shipping can boost the business of retail. With shipping software provided by Orderhive, get bottom-lines with better shipping rates and automate the entire shipping process.

4. Manage Purchase Order

This plugin also provides the software to manage the purchase orders, stay on top by automating the entire procurement workflow with markets, suppliers, accounting and payment integration.

5. Multi-Channel Integration

Mandatory expansion reaches from a central location through multiple integrations and automated multi-channel sales – channel-wise sales and inventory levels with a scalable inventory system.

6. Analyst & Reports

The analytics and reporting of OrderHive helps you see how your inventory operates through warehousing, sales, shipping and purchases – inventory audit, inventory valuation by cost, your purchase insights and more.

Pricing of Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Inventory Management Pricing


Veeqo WooCommerce gives stock management vendors everything they need when selling from multiple channels. 

This inventory management plugin enables businesses to become more efficient in handling business management from a single platform.

This is also provides entrepreneurs with advanced inventory management tools that sync across multiple warehouses.

This helps omni-channel vendors keep track of inventory in real time to be able to manage them following things :

– Purchase and Selling Orders

– Inventory Levels

– Chain of Supply

– Fulfillment

This plugin provides an all-in-one solution for stock available in the e-commerce store. With this, entrepreneurs can easily manage to sell and sell their product from their website or market.

This software also saves valuable time without logging into many courier systems.

Key Features of Veeqo

1. Inventory Tracking

Veeqo – WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin can easily sync inventory across all your sales channels and warehouses in real time. This process ensures that inventories available in the store should be fully accurate.

2. WooCommerce Order Management

There are multiple sales and purchase orders are placed on a regular basis. This tool helps entrepreneurs to see the whole inventory orders of WooCommerce at one place. It automatically updates the status of the orders.

3. Digital Picking & Packaging

The manual system of picking and packaging is not more meaningful. Now every businessman needs to maintain their own digital system of pick and pack. Fulfill more orders in less time, with greater accuracy and minimal labor costs.

4. Shipping & Fulfillment

It provides a very tremendous feature where you accurately ship high volumes of customer orders from all your other sales channels in WooCommerce.

This plugin is now integrated with more than 21 world’s leading carriers that makes us easy to ship to the customers anywhere in the world.

5. Returns Management

Accurately and seamlessly manage every return from beginning to end in Veeqo’s WooCommerce Order Management System. Returns to be created, every reason has to be recorded, easily update stocks and issue refunds – all from a single platform.

Pricing of Veeqo

Veeqo Pricing

Smart Manager

Smart Manager is a WooCommerce stock management tool that works together with Excel spreadsheets and makes it better. All the entrepreneurs choose to manage more than one e-commerce store at a point of time.

This software of WooCommerce allows the businessman to manage and look at all their e-commerce stores from a single platform.

There are two versions of smart manager; one if free and second one is pro that takes your inventory management system to the next level.

This WooCommerce inventory management plugins helps you with :

– Inventory Management

– Incline Editing

– Bulk Editing

– Exporting

– Updating Product and their variations

– Instant Search

Key Features of Smart Manager

1. Spreadsheet Editor

As the Excel spreadsheet works, the Smart Manager plugin also works the same way. This makes it easy for businesses to change settings and navigation in a fast and simple way.

2. Quick Inline & Bulk Editing

Smart manager plugin makes a grid that helps businesses to create, remove and update all the items directly from the grid. Multiple column values have changed ​​and save them all at once.

3. Price & Stock Management

Navigate through the table and quickly update stock quantities, set and modify the selling price or regular price. You can also set limits, filters and bulk edit stocks for multiple WooCommerce products and changes at once.

4. Order Management

View, filter and quickly search all commands in one screen. Change order status, manually export new orders, batch update orders, or CSVs. Review and search coupons, extend store-credits, modify discounts, edit them …

Pricing of Smart Manager

Smart Manager Pricing

ATUM Inventory Management

ATUM is a free WooCommerce inventory management plugin. By the way, entrepreneurs have to pay to add every new advanced feature.

This seems like a disadvantage of the plugin but every entrepreneur only needs to pay for those add-on that he wants to apply on their website.

The Atum inventory management vanilla app helps you get more control with your WooCommerce stock management from one screen.

– Create Purchase Orders

– Setup Locations

– Manage Suppliers

ATUM plugin also gives entrepreneurs the ability to edit WooCommerce products available in any e-commerce store.

Overall, ATUM is an awesome list of inventory plugins for WooCommerce.

Key Features of ATUM

1. Free Plugin

The ATUM inventory management plugin is a free tool provided by WooCommerce. The basic plan includes fewer features, but is a good plan to determine if this plugin is useful for your business.

2. One Page Updating

All transactions related to the sale and purchase of products from multiple warehouses can be easily checked from a single page.

This helps entrepreneurs – not to check all the warehouses one-by-one. This saves valuable time for business.

3. Quick Edit

If an entrepreneur needs to edit their product details on the site, this can be done easily using this WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

4. Tracking Facility

ATUM provides complete space for product distribution. This description helps us to calculate the exact time and place of delivery.

5. Record Product Details

This software has a facility where an entrepreneur can view the history of their product. In other words, how much quantity of this product has been sold in the market and how much we have purchased.

Pricing of ATUM

ATUM Pricing

WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Stock Manager is one of the best and advanced inventory management plugins available in the market. This tool provides us with a single screen from where we can manage our overall stock available in the e-commerce store.

It also empowers us to manage products, customers and orders made by customers. So, by using this plugin an entrepreneur can manage all the back-orders, stock status, prices of sales, manufacturing cost and many more.

Each product of WooCommerce stock manager can be filtered using their product ID, product name, and product category.

However, this plugin also allows the entrepreneurs to export overall records of stock from e-commerce stores to a CSV file. Entrepreneurs can also edit their CSV file according to their requirements and then import it back into the e-commerce store.

Key Features of WooCommerce Stock Manager

1. Stock Report

This WooCommerce plugin can generate reports of stock available in their e-commerce store. Stock reports can contain all data related to the import and export of products. Details can be filtered according to the above categories.

2. Import & Export

It also includes data – the number of products imported and exported on a regular basis. It helps entrepreneurs to judge the demand for their product in the current market.

3. Product Filtering

Products should be filtered according to their name, ID and category. For example – Racket is a product, its name includes the company’s name, ID can be taken as serial-wise and it is included into the sports category.

4. Multi-Store Operations

WooCommerce stock manager also provides the facility of multiple warehouses for a single e-commerce store. This helps us to record varieties of products belonging to different categories.

5. Fast & Easy Retail

Point of Sale means – The exact time and price of the sale. This plugin provides all the details related to POS at the same point of time when the sale is done.

Pricing of WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager allows entrepreneurs to change stock inventories and their sizes before displaying them on a single screen. This functionality helps the entrepreneur to update the exact category, type and ID of a product.

In addition it provides the best methods that automatically update a store’s available stock at current levels. Customers do not face any kind of issues while purchasing products from the store.

This WooCommerce plugin also sets product descriptions, so that entrepreneurs do not face any issues to enter any random value of their stock. Then it comes with great features where it indicates stock levels (quantity of stock).

Action taken by entrepreneurs to change the details of stock inventories will be recorded in the stock audit. So they can display the last edited stock amount and other necessary details.

Key Features of WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

1. Update Stock Amount

This software provides the facility where an entrepreneur can update the stock amount according to the cost during the manufacture of the product. Here, an entrepreneur can take care of his revenue and profit, which he wants to earn.

2. Instant Updating

Most plugins do not provide this feature. There is no need to reload the page while changing the details of the stock inventory. It automatically updates it side-by-side. This will save our valuable time.

3. Search Filter

This tool also provides the advantage of search filters. For any random product that an entrepreneur wants to edit / update, he can run this search query which helps him to find the desired product within a time.

4. Display Products

One is the best feature that can display all common products on one screen. As we all know that e-commerce stores have many products and it is very difficult to find all the categories of those products at once.

5. Notification

Sometimes, an entrepreneur does not update the product details after updating or editing them. At that time, the plugin gives them a notification that their particular product has not been updated after modification.

Pricing of WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager Pricing


eSwap is a cloud-based WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It is integrated with many online sources, WooCommerce being one of them.

This plugin has automatic update and synchronization functionality that helps businesses to balance their stock levels.

This tool provides a quick view of the inventories available in each warehouse. It also provides the channel filtering.

With the help of this WooCommerce plugin, Entrepreneurs can import and export their entire inventory details in CSV format. Custom tags provided by this software that we can initially use to launch products.

Key Features of eSwap

1. Order Management

This plugin provides order management functionality. In other words, We are able to manage all orders whether it is related to sales or purchases.

Manually managing this process is a very difficult task. To reduce this complexity, we can use this plugin.

2. Inventory Management

The core part for every e-commerce store owner is to manage the inventory.

This is why WooCommerce inventory management provides many plugins. Here is one of the best plugins to manage complete inventions.

3. Warehouse Management

Why we are called inventory management is a complex task because there are multiple warehouses that are used to store the stock inventory.

Managing all those warehouses is also one of the important tasks that can be done by using this plugin.

4. Product Management

There are many ways to manage the available products in e-commerce stores. One of the best ways – We can create their specific product IDs and categories that help us identify each product easily.

5. Shipping Management

Shipping all the products from one place to another plays the major role in any e-commerce business. Many plugins fail to accomplish this process but eSwap is one of the finest plugins for this process.

Pricing of eSwap

eSwap Pricing

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager – another WooCommerce plugin that allows entrepreneurs to handle the situation of low stock and out-of-stock.

This software informs the user that how much stock of a particular product is available in the warehouses.

This process makes it easier for entrepreneurs to examine – which product they need to manufacture and in what quantity.

Sometimes, customers order a product that is not in stock, so here the plugin does its job. The plugin marks that particular product out of stock.

Key Features of WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

1. Set Low Stock Values

This tool helps entrepreneurs to set the exact value of a product available in the stock. In other words, suppose a company is manufacturing a soap, the number of soaps is available, which needs to be determined at times of low stock.

2. Dashboard Widget

This WooCommerce plugin also provides a dashboard used to modify the exact figures of stock available in the e-commerce store.

3. Custom Taxes

Each product available in an e-commerce store is taxed by the state and central government.

This plugin provides the exact value of taxes for every custom product. Finally, entrepreneurs can mark fair values ​​according to tax values.

4. Email Notification

Technology always matters a lot in order to run the business smoothly in the market. This tool / software provides information via email which helps us to find every next update of the plugin.

Pricing of WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager Pricing


WooPOS is one of the most popular inventory management plugins provided by WooCommerce.

It is considered to be one of the strongest ads available on the WooCommerce store. This plugin collects all information about inventory management.

The Buy Order Management of this plugin is amazing because it gives you great convenience of stock adjustment.

WooPOS also allows entrepreneurs to manage your inventory from multiple ecommerce stores with detailed accuracy and customization.

WooPOS is fulfilled with powerful cloud based database features. It helps businessmen to access databases anywhere at any point of time. This also allows entrepreneurs to customize their store location.

This includes product identification, logistics, percurrent, etc., now much easier with the help of custom barcode label generators.

Key Features of WooPOS

1. Easy Installation

The installation process of WooPOS plugin provided by WooCommerce is very easy. Any non-tech entrepreneur can easily install such software for their business setup and implement all the tasks they need to do.

2. Advanced Tracking System

WooPOS also has the functionality of an advanced tracking system. It basically helps entrepreneurs to locate the location of their product.

With its help, they also accurately calculate the time and date when the product is about to deliver to its destination.

3. Cloud-Based Database

As mentioned in the description of WooPOS that this plugin provides the advanced cloud-based database that can be accessed anytime and at any location. This helps us to provide all the facilities to the customers easily.

4. Multiple Storefronts

This software can easily manage multiple e-commerce stores easily and accurately. Sometimes, an entrepreneur creates several categories of products that require more than one store to sell.

At that time, WooPOS helps entrepreneurs complete their tasks with this amazing feature.

5. Secure Payment Modes

This step is very important and difficult to implement because sometimes, customers are not able to pay the amount for their desired product.

This plugin of WooCommerce provides all the secure methods of payment which helps the customers to pay the product amount easily.

Pricing of WooPOS

WooPOS Pricing

WP Inventory Manager

WordPress Inventory Manager is an open source plugin with all the relevant features you need to manage your stock levels.

However, an entrepreneur can obtain a paid license to improve the available features of this plugin.

The main advantage for purchasing a license is to get new add ons only.

An entrepreneur can easily manage the list directly and easily from the WordPress dashboard of your website. To display your inventory exactly how you want to use it, drag and drop the interface.

It comes with a fully customization label. An entrepreneur can control many things from the dashboard like – product information, display items etc.

Key Features of WP Inventory Manager

1. Advance Search

This plugin provides advanced search functionality where the entrepreneur can easily search for any product he wants to modify by running a search query. This reduces the time to search the product manually.

2. Location Manager

With the help of this software, entrepreneurs can locate their store at any place as per their wishes and needs. This can be done using the required dashboard provided by the WooCommerce plugin.

3. Advanced Inventory Manager

WordPress Inventory Manager has an advanced feature of Inventory Manager which works faster than other plugins.

Entrepreneurs can easily calculate the quantity and also the cost that they suffer from manufacturing the products.

4. Bulk Update

This plugin will not follow one-to-one technology to update the product. In addition, it can update all products available in the e-commerce store.

Pricing of WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager Pricing

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock synchronization is also a good inventory plugin that allows you to manage your store’s inventory with external inventory files.

It automatically updates the available stock volume from an external file. In addition, you can also synchronize your stock with an external CSV file.

For example, suppose any suppliers send a CSV inventory file, so that entrepreneur can easily update them with the help of this plugin.

It also supports Dropbox and Google Drive for backup plans. In simple words, it saves your stock information on Google Drive and Dropbox.

The best thing is that it works well with both multi-site and regular WordPress installs. This plugin is good for your business and enhances performance. Let’s take a look at some features.

Key Features of Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

1. WPML Support

This plugin provides the support of WPML. WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin means that it gives the support of multiple languages. Entrepreneurs can choose whatever language they want to choose.

2. Manage Product Prices

It also manages the prices of products according to the cost applied to the products. Higher cost products have higher prices and vice-versa. Product’s demand also affects prices. If demand is higher the prices are higher and vice-versa.

3. Manage Stock Information

The management of stock also plays an important role in running the business smoothly. This WooCommerce inventory management plugin provides all relevant information like stock volume, updating products.

4. Compatible With Products

As we all know, there are varieties of products produced by the owner of every next e-commerce store. Therefore this plugin has the power to manage products from all categories from a single screen.

5. FTP Support

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce supports FTP and large CSV files support over 10,000 lines.

Pricing of Stock Synchronization of WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization Pricing

DEAR Inventory

Dear Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management device for small and medium-sized retailers and wholesalers.

If you need to follow the list of finished goods as well as raw materials, then this is a good option for you. This will enable you to control sales, inventory and shipping on multi-channels.

It is ideal for building companies with their predefined manufacturing modules, which help you to follow the cost of raw materials and labor in the production of finished goods.

As do other inventory management systems like Sewing, TradeGecko, and Orderhive. It is a strong inventory management product. Dear inventory allows the business to create a plan and track every step of the procurement process.

The solution it provides reminds the user to record the stock in time to avoid the stock out situation. As this software records suppliers purchasing history along with product cost and informs the user after some analysis for when to purchase the next batch of products.

It also supports several inventory management functionalities such as serial number, batch / log tracking and expiration date.

Dear inventory combines accounting, e-commerce, and shipment applications such as QuickBooks, eBay, Xero, Magneto, Shopify, and Shipograph.

Key Features of DEAR Inventory

1. Ultimate Outlets

DEAR inventory management plugins provide the amazing features where entrepreneurs can handle multiple outlets from a single platform.

2. Accounting & Inventory Management

First work done by this plugin is to remove the complexities of accounting data entry.

Originally integrated with accounting apps like Xero and QuickBooks, DEAR does the hard work for you – automatically creating entries and invoicing, bills, payments and more, syncing directly to the app in one click.

3. Point of Sale (POS)

The DEAR Point of Sale (POS) platform provides advanced, multi-directional integration with the DEAR inventory. Common integration works in the following way:

– Online & Offline

– On Accounts & Loyalty Point

– Refund & Return

– Management of Cash

4. Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) provided by DEAR plugin integrates with the DEAR inventory backend, streamlining store’s order fulfillment processes, while increasing your productivity and cost.

5. B2B Portal

DEAR inventory management allows customers to manage their orders directly from the web portal provided by this plugin. Entrepreneurs can now publish your catalog online and invite customers to access and browse their product catalog.

Pricing of DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory Pricing
DEAR Inventory Pricing


Ecomdash is a new and highly advanced WooCommerce inventory management of stock and manages WooCommerce very efficiently and effectively.

It is a cloud-based inventory management system that integrates standard inventory management features into a single platform with an order platform and shipping management capabilities.

It is designed for small to medium-sized online retailers that sell through multiple channels.

The system includes multi-ware dropship management, multi-warehouse inventory management, barcode scanning, and more than 40 reports and restock forecasting.

It integrates with Amazon and eBay and allows users to easily list products for sale on both channels. The platform sends and receives data from online sales channels, suppliers and fulfillment centers, increasing users’ visibility on its retail operations.

Ecomdash is as expensive as a monthly subscription at various levels depending on the amount of user orders. It only supports web browsers such as OD Agnostic. It provides 24/7 customer support, and also great functionality.

Key Features of Ecomdash

1. Inventory Management

Whether you are an established e-commerce business or just starting out, we are here to help manage your inventory sold by you on Amazon, eBay, and anywhere.

Our online inventory software saves you much needed time so that you can focus on growing your retail business, while we improve visibility in your supply chain.

2. Order Management

Handle everything from printing your own shipping labels to routing new orders to 3D fulfillment using an easy software system.

Our ecommerce order management software allows entrepreneurs to sit and relax, knowing that all aspects of order fulfillment are under control.

3. Dropship Automation

Our dropshipping management system provides hands-on communication between your sales channels and suppliers.

With eCommash sitting in the middle, you can automatically place new suppliers’ orders to your suppliers, keeping updated product data and shipment details on your storefront.

4. FBA Management

No matter how many channels you sell, ecomdash can help you with multi-channel fulfillment and inventory.

Our award-winning FBA inventory management software will help you save time, drive more sales and grow your e-commerce business.

5. E-commerce Shipping

Our e-commerce shipping software speeds up the delivery time for you to pick, process and ship all your online orders from one central location. Save time and money, and improve your fulfillment workflow with ecomdash.

Pricing of Ecomdash

Ecomdash Pricing


Stitch is offered through Stitch Labs and it is an integrated, cloud-based inventory and order management solution.

It caters for mid-size and multichannel retail brands which is another good e-commerce inventory management software, which syncs inventory to consider, data, and orders across multiple sales channels, suppliers and fulfillment locations.

It serves as a beneficial software for many e-commerce companies that have a centralized place to view the inventory available on those channels and which sell on multiple platforms.

This allows for integration of the product with other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay so that whenever a customer places an order on Amazon and eBay.

So all orders are automatically synced to the sewing labs and keep the orders in one place. Stitch’s operations management solution in growing commerce brands is designed for fast-growing operations teams.

This is to sell versatility on multiple channels. It provides fast and reliable shipping for your customers through advanced automation.

Key Features of Stitch

1. Multi-channel Inventory Tracking

This WooCommerce plugin automatically syncs inventory levels of e-commerce stores through a centralized, master list.

2. Low Stock Alerts

Set a low-stock threshold and recorder point for your WooCommerce channel based on the number of units required for automatic replenishment alerts via email.

3. Transfer Orders

Easily search, track, and transfer your WooCommerce inventory to various locations and edit inventory post-transit receipts.

5. Preorder & Backorder Automation

Automate your WooCommerce pre-order and backorder workflows to reduce manual entry and reconciliation while keeping your customers happy.

Pricing of Stitch

Stitch Pricing

WooCommerce Inventory Management from Finale Inventory

Finale’s WooCommerce inventory management solution has the ability to control your inventory from your WooCommerce commands in two common configurations.

The first configuration allows establishing a direct connection between your WooCommerce store and the finale.

However, its orders are automatically synced to closing, where it will make appropriate stock adjustments and keep your inventory up to date. Integration with WooCommerce takes seconds to add WooCommerce and closing lists.

There are no changes required for your existing WooCommerce account which is to synchronize orders for Finale Inventory immediately and effectively manage your inventory.

There is a vinyl inventory restock forecasting and many marketplace support.

Key Features of WooCommerce Inventory Management from Finale Inventory

1. Re-stock Forecasting

Running a growing business is difficult. Have a lot to do with you. Leveraging the sales velocity of a product, desired security stock, and expected sales growth – To make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.

2. Multiple Marketplace

Effectively manage your inventory from multiple markets through shipstations. We support every marketplace. When ShipStation adds a new market, we will automatically support it.

3. Support Multiple SKUs

When you are selling products in different markets, you may be forced to do different SKUs for the same product. Numbers of customers manage complexity with Excel worksheets.

4. Support High Transaction

Conduct a large number of transactions? There is no problem. The Finale Inventory can support 1/2 million transactions per month, and we are currently enhancing our architecture to support higher levels.

Pricing of WooCommerce Inventory Management from Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory Pricing

PW WooCommerce Plugin

PW WooCommerce Bulk Editing is a robust way to update your WooCommerce product catalog. This plugin also provides a live preview, inline editing in addition to bulk editing.

You can quickly edit the changes as simple products and also change the cost by a specific amount or percentage.

Experience with a new way of editing products in your WooCommerce store! Wholesale discount your product prices.

And change the sales cost for thousands of products. You can easily build with use in mind, PW WooCommerce bulk editing is incredibly intuitive.

Key Features of PW WooCommerce Plugin

1. Add Variations

This plugin easily changes to all products available in the store. This helps the entrepreneur to revise all his stock within a given time.

2. Regular Extensions

PW utilizes the power of regular expressions to find and replace text values.

3. Save & Load Filters

This plugin provides us with advanced filters – its functionality helps entrepreneurs to sort all products according to the available categories of e-commerce stores.

Pricing of PW WooCommerce Plugin

PW WooCommerce Pricing

Store Pep Mobile App

StorePeP is a useful software when it comes to continuous store monitoring and management. In addition, this native Android application is a great companion for WooCommerce online store owners to maintain their store performance.

However, storePeP helps you identify areas of improvement on your site, and immediately implement solutions. As you can check product details and updates, stock, details and cost from StorePeP mobile application.

So with this software, you can access some sales reports that give you great insight into many aspects of your store, including inventory management. If you are using this software you can filter sales by different time periods such as today, tomorrow, last week, etc.

Key Features Store PeP Mobile App

1. Multiple Sales Channel

This plugin provides several sales channels that help entrepreneurs to market their product. In other words, the number of sales channels refers to the number of market places where entrepreneurs can sell their products.

2. Shipping Expert

This software provides shipping software other than the other WooCommerce Inventory management plugins. This works like a rescue of all the delivered operations.

3. Track Notification

Entrepreneurs can live track the notification sent by their customers on a regular basis. The notification can be displayed within the same time that the user sends it.

4. Monitor WooCommerce Store

This WooCommerce plugin also monitors the e-commerce store. It basically checks if the store is up to date or needs to be modified.

Pricing of Store PeP Mobile App

Store PeP Mobile App


MRPeasy is simple and powerful self-service manufacturing of MRP systems. Production, stock, customers, procurement, finance and team management.

This system has accurate automated planning and realistic production schedules. Dynamically rescheduled by dragging and dropping manufacturing orders and operations into a calendar or Gantt chart. To track inventory management, stock movement, batch and serial number.

It also provides the facility to set and optimize stock levels and avoid stock-outs. Keep a clear history of your stock operations.

Key Features MRPeasy

1. Billing

This feature helps entrepreneur for generating quick bills including all taxes and MRP of the product. On time, customers can order any product, MRPeasy generates a relevant bill.

2. Customer Relationship Management

It provides best CRM panel that includes all the details of the customers. Details like order / transaction ID, product purchased etc. and so on.

3. Inventory Management

This feature helps to manage the inventory. As we all know that inventory management is the major responsibility of the owner of any e-commerce store.

Pricing of MRPeasy

MRPeasy Pricing
MRPeasy Pricing


Finally, I can say that WooCommerce inventory management plugins are very helpful in order to manage the e-commerce store inventories.

Firstly, I recommend TradeGecko plugin provided by WooCommerce. This plugin is very easy to use by any non-technical CEO.

Secondly, I recommend Katana plugin, one of the popular inventory management plugin.

Thanks All !!!


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