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Revo WordPress Theme : Best eCommerce Website Theme

Revo Theme is a WooCommerce WordPress theme used for several purposes. This theme is one of the best themes for creating a beautiful website that is useful for any online ecommerce store.

Revo WordPress Theme can give us more than 25 website homepages and many other eCommerce facilities are also provided which are very helpful in creating online shopping websites.

Further on, Revo is useful for gift shops, kids fashion, furniture store, fashion shop, organic shop, cosmetic shops, flower shop, medical store, digital / electronic store and many more.

It provides us a feature of One click demo import, where an entrepreneur can get a complete website look like a demo in just minutes.

Top-Notch Features of Revo WordPress Theme

  1. Advanced & Latest Design

The design of this theme is very advanced and highly responsive, mobile friendly and modern which can be suitable for any eCommerce website.

  1. Dynamic Features

Top most features of Revo themes are as follows :

  • AJAX Live Search
  • Product Overview Lightbox
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Image Zoom
  • AJAX Cart
  1. Support for Multiple Vendor

This theme supports Multi-vendor as it is compatible with the plugins like Dokan Multivender, WC Vendors and WC Marketplace.

  1. Simple Customization

Easy customization options are available to help you make better use of your website. There are a number of options available for Mobile Layout, Color, Logo and so on.

  1. Easy Installation

Revo WooCommerce theme is very easy to install and activate. Import a demo of the design you want to perform on your site like a demo with a few steps.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Revo WordPress Theme

  1. Best WordPress Theme for eCommerce platform.
  2. Powerful Admin Panel for entrepreneur
  3. A feature called one page checkout is available in order to make your eCommerce store easy to use.
  4. This theme is dynamically changed according to the environment.
  5. 24/7 customer support available.
  1. Only the paid services are available.
  2. A beginner has to face many problems in starting as it requires extensive learning.
  3. It will take lots of time to master it. Therefore many entrepreneurs do not recommend it for their regular website.

Revo WordPress theme provides you?

Using this theme brings a new experience and a terrific environment on the Internet where you can sell your products directly to users. So there is no need to go anywhere to sell your product.

With the help of this theme, you can manage all your products very easily on your own. Various features are available for your website using the Revo theme which is as follows.

15 Points Helps you to Understand about Revo WooCommerce Theme
  1. It provides a better environment to brand your products online on the Internet.
  2. This allows you to find the products you want to search in real time with the Ajax Live Search Pro plugin.
  3. The Revo WooCommerce theme offered a variety of menu styles. With the help of Mega Menu option, you can show up to 6 columns with banners, categories, text or videos.
  4. You can easily create an attractive product offer for your customers with a countdown timer.
  5. It supports a variety of samples and photos that will help you show the product’s color, size, description or picture in the most effective way. This feature is not supported by the WooCommerce plugin.
  6. Quickly add a product overview that helps users get a detailed product overview without any difficulty.
  7. It features an Ajax plugin that will help you get the products added to your online cart. In addition, it enables you to compare different products and items in your store.
  8. There are 4 different product types available to encourage more and more visitors to your website.
  9. It offered a powerful visual composer page builder that helps you create the back-end or front-end of your website.
  10. This theme provides the ultimate theme option that helps an entrepreneur to add any relevant design for your website.
  11. The Revo theme is very easy to maintain as it has a maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, you can change the background, time, details etc.
  12. This allows you to create a form that helps you send a notification email to your audience.
  13. Free includes various premium plugins / widgets.
  14. The automatic update feature is available in the Revo WordPress theme.
  15. This helps to keep your files fully layered and well organized.

Why does an Entrepreneur choose Revo Theme for their Website?

This is a common question asked by most entrepreneurs that if there are several other WordPress themes available in the market then why do we choose this?

  1. Revo WooCommerce Theme is an advanced WordPress theme that has all the useful features as a retailer or customer point of view. In other words, retailers can sell their product online at fair prices and customers can buy any product from this theme easily.
  2. It provides an advanced admin panel that makes this theme highly secure and user friendly.
  3. This WordPress theme offers several customization options that helps an entrepreneur to grow their business online on the Internet.

So Revo theme is used to create any type of eCommerce site like cosmetic store, medical store, gift shop, digital / electronic store and many more.

How to Install Revo WordPress Theme for your Website?

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this task.

Upload this theme from WordPress
  • First of all download the “” file in your computer.
  • After then, redirect to your admin panel of a WordPress site.
  • Here, go to >> Appearance >> Theme and click on “ADD NEW” to add a new theme.
  • Now, Click on the upload theme button and choose the “” file from your computer and then click on “Install Now”.
  • It will take a few moments to install the Revo Theme.
  • After this your theme is installed and now you have to activate Revo WordPress Theme on your computer.
  • At last you only have to enter the purchase code to complete the final step of installation.
Install this theme manually
  1. First step is the same as above. Download the “” file on your computer.
  2. Now access your FTP client like FileZilla. It helps you to install the Theme.
  3. Navigate to your website’s folder. (
  4. After then, upload the theme and extract the theme file.
  5. Now, redirect to the Admin panel of your site >> ( >> Appearance >> Themes to search Revo WordPress Theme.
  6. As you see the thumbnail of the Revo theme on your screen, click on the active option to install it.
  7. At last, enter the purchase code to install the theme.

Pricing of Revo WooCommerce Theme

Regular pricing of this topic is $ 69 / year. It includes all the best hosting offers, 6 months support from Magentech, quality assurance by Evanto, and more. In addition, you can extend support for 12 months only by paying an additional $ 21. 38.


Nowadays many people want to advertise their business online, but they are unaware of the proper tips that they need to implement their business demands to do online.

Revo is one of the best WooCommerce themes available in the market. Revo Theme is one of the most customizable and highly advanced features that can be used to sell your products online.

By the use of this theme, you can create a new era of design and fashion understanding and increase your market demand all over the world. Having a professional looking website helps your business grow more powerfully.

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