What is Affiliate Marketing & How to Earn Money from it?

Nowadays, every next beginner who learns digital marketing wants to know – how he/she can earn money from it. So one of the best ways is by Affiliate marketing.

It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? You set up a website, add …

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Top Notch WordPress Theme 2021 | Find the Best for You

Are you looking for the best responsive WordPress theme for your website? Most modern WordPress themes are fully responsive out of the box. However, there are so many that it becomes difficult to choose one.

In this article, we have …

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What is WordPress Plugin? What are its Uses?

What is Plugin?

If you are confused about what a Plugin & what is WordPress Plugin? No worries. I will explain everything in this blog. At the end of the blog, you will definitely know what is a plugin? Let’s …

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Google Merges Standard & Smart Display Campaigns into Single Category

Google has come up with the introduction of the integration of Smart Display and Standard Display campaigns. With this news, there will be an impact on Advertisers. But First, we should know what exactly smart displays do?

What is a

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Classic Editor Plugin | Latest Update on Editor Plugin

In 2018, When WordPress 5.0 Isn’t released Yet, the Classic Editor plugin was distributed to help facilitate changes to the new block editor. That point, we vowed to help the module through 2021 and change if necessary as the cutoff …

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WordPress 5.8.1 Version | Security Release Tends to Grip of Weaknesses

WordPress release their latest version i.e., WordPress 5.8.1. Look out some of the interesting factors.

WordPress has carried out an update to its center codebase that incorporates alleviations against a few irksome security blemishes. For each WordPress update delivered, I …

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